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Expert Communication Trainer Dan O'Connor Motivational Keynote SpeakerThank you, Woman’s World Magazine!

Your April 16 article, “Magic Words that Guarantee Success” featuring expert communication trainer and dealing with difficult speaker Dan O’Connor was excellent.

Here’s a snippet:

“It may sound counterintuitive, but if you want to get your idea noticed by that hard-to-please VIP, don’t say you have an idea! “ ‘Idea’ is vague and easy to dismiss,” notes communication expert Daniel O’Connor, author of the e-book Say This—Not That! “Instead, say, ‘I have a proposal.’ ” It’s concrete and implies you’ve given your ideas a lot of thought. “Then come up with four possibilities and make the idea you really want to get noticed the third option,” advises O’Connor. The number three holds huge psychological sway, a phenomenon known as the “Goldilocks effect”: “The person you’re trying to convince will say yes to the third idea 60% of the time!” Did you know? We even gravitate to the third dish at buffets! “When there are three piles of plates at a buffet, the third stack gets depleted twice as quickly as the other two!” says O’Connor…”

Go out and get the April 16 issue for more!

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