• Dan provided one of the most powerful trainings to date; Dealing with Difficult People.  Dan is energetic, enthusiastic and very effective in engaging his audience.   No one left the room without gaining some knowledge and  Dan’s remarkable sense of humor kept his captive audience laughing and entertained.  I jump at any opportunity  to participate in one of Dan’s seminars, you learn so much without even realizing it.  Dan is a master of opening people’s minds to seeing the benefits of the use of language to better deal with real life situations at work and at home.  The most common consensus of the Administrative Staff after attending one of Dan’s seminars was how much stress they felt was lifted that day, now that’s POWERFUL!


    ~ Barb O’Rourke

    Administrative Lead, Westech International, Loveland, CO

  • Over the past five years, I have greatly benefited from the training courses I’ve taken with Dan O’Conner through his company, Power Diversity. Dan is extremely engaging, funny, and uniquely effective in his training style. Not only does Dan teach the information, but he trains the participants so that they leave the class excited and ready to practice their newly learned skills. Dan’s training style is so successful and entertaining that on multiple occasions I’ve had him train my entire staff during annual Division retreats and workshops…money well spent.

    ~ Nancy Talley

    Traffice & Streets Division Manager, Los Alamos County, NM

  •  This was the best seminar that I have ever been to. The instructor, Dan, was outstanding and speaks very well and is very personable. His examples are great and no question went unanswered.

    ~ John Ballard

    Manager Customer Services, Portland, OR

  • Dan is an amazing presenter.  I’ve attended many seminars and he is the best presenter.

    ~ Christeanne Goodey

    Sr. HR Tech, Los Alamos County, NM

  • Dan’s training provided specific and detailed information on how to effectively communicate.  Presenter is AWESOME and an amazing and entertaining speaker.  I loved the training!!! Dan, you rock!!! Outstanding speaker!!!

    ~ Linda Buck

    Program Manager, Corpus Christi, TX

  • Fabulous, outstanding, very informative, great energy.  I really enjoyed the workshop!  You have a great passion for delivering the information with much energy.  This makes understanding the material much easier.  Outstanding job!

    ~ Diana Garcia

    Regional Nutritionist Dietitian, TX

  • Today’s training was wonderful, entertaining, enjoyable, and educational. Dan is inspiring, motivational, and exhausting…in a good way. I would recommend my peers to attend this seminar, or any seminar Dan is a part of. Dan thank you for the experience and knowledge. Hope to see you again in another seminar. Great job! Mahalo.

    ~ Aaron Koichi Clevenger

    Member Service Rep.II, Honolulu, HI

  • Excellent presentation! Very informative and interesting. Seminar well worth time and investment!

    ~ Scott Stewart

    Probation Officer, Bloomington, MN

  • Dan is an excellent motivational speaker. He is amazing with the techniques that he uses in his seminar. The topics covered will be very helpful to me both professionally personally. Thanks, Dan.

    ~ Connie Log

    Communications Director, Charleston, WV

  • The speaker was well-prepared and excited about his topic. I was never bored. The speaker gave me tactics to deal with tough employees and members. Better than other seminars I have attended. Dan was very personable.

    ~ Brook Howard

    Assistant Branch Manager, Evansville, IN

  •   Excellent group participation, humor, content, examples, etc. The best training in 30 years!

    ~ Randy Smith

    Division Manager, Los Alamos County, NM

  • Dan was refreshing!  The new skills & techniques taught on how to deal with difficult people, done in a carefree, interactive environment, was a true eye-opener.  It will be very helpful in my daily dealings at home and work.  Thanks!

    ~ Tomekia Griffin

    Office Administration, Houston, TX

  • Awesome job.  Good, very useful info.  Entertaining.

    ~ Zellisa Felder

    Office Administration, Houston, TX

  • Dan O’Connor has a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, and presents the seminar in a fresh and relaxing manner that is very conducive to learning. I would recommend this seminar to everyone, because these communication skills will help everyone become more successful in all areas of life.

    ~ Joe Mobley

    Fuel analyst, Columbus, OH


    … Dan O’Connor is absolutely positively the best trainer that has come through these doors. We must have him again and again. I have never been so impressed and affected by a trainer … . There aren’t enough words to cover or convey the great gift this man has in imparting the skills of customer service. I applaud you all for selecting him and look forward to being trained by him in the future.

    ~ Sonya Fisher

    Incentive Process analyst, Miami, FL

  • Dan O’Connor was very knowledgeable of the material. Very effective, clearly organized. He uses excellent communication skills. He is committed to training this course in such a way that class participants were completely satisfied and came away with tactics that can be used immediately in work settings and in personal life.

    ~ Beverly Hughes

    RTS Supervisor, Bloomington, MN

  • Dan made this training very interesting and was very knowledgeable in his presentations. He’s an outstanding instructor. I hope in the future your company has more instructors like Mr. O’Connor. This training went by super fast because Mr. Dan O’Connor made it interesting and very enjoyable.

    ~ Nephi K. Akina

    General Foreman, Honolulu, HI

  • Best workshop I’ve ever attended!

    ~ Annette Baumgartner

    Los Alamos County, New Mexico

  • Well the halls are buzzing at WAPA with all the laughing coming from the conference rooms the last few days. Definitely a BIG HIT! It must be gratifying having such an impact in a forum that usually consists of yawns and ‘when can we get out of here?’ Thanks for being such an inspiration!

    ~ Pam Baltimore

    Administrative Assistant, Loveland, CO

  • Dan is an outstanding presenter–highly motivated and thoroughly knowledgeable about interpersonal communications.

    ~ Thomas E. Denton

    Engineer Tech II, Anchorage, AK

  • Dan was so energetic and into what he was teaching. He is awesome. It really helps when people like him take a personal interest in the message that is being sent. I feel as though he has taught me how to effectively become a better communicator and listener. People like Dan do make a big difference in the world. He is so positive.

    ~ Tara Conaway

    Payments Supervisor, Baltimore, MD

  • Daniel O’Connor was one of the best speakers I’ve heard. He was so motivating, lots of energy, positive, funny, organized, and presented lots of useful information. An overall amazing speaker and person. I’m so glad I was able to attend this seminar. I also liked the examples and situations Daniel used during the seminar. He was able to make everyone in class feel comfortable and he got us involved in the seminar. Daniel is also so funny. I greatly enjoyed every moment. Great job Daniel!

    ~ Valerie Kimura

    Manager, Honolulu, HI

  • The most energizing, motivating seminar I have ever attended. Dan kept my attention for the entire 2 days. Bravo. Dan, thanks so much for helping me figure out how to improve my communication with “all” people at my company.

    ~ Darlene Davis

    Executive Assistant, Minneapolis, MN

  • Hi Dan. I attended your class on Advanced Communication Tactics for Leaders last week. Your approach to teaching is refreshing and was very enjoyable. You made us laugh but you also made us think. At least…you made me think. I’m convinced you’d do well on the Standup Comic circuit because you have the ability to tell stories, lay out a scenario and get people to relate–not to mention you are just plan funny and fun!

    ~ Vi Michaelis

    Electrical Engineer, Loveland, CO

  • The seminar was very informative and it provided many tactics which will improve my communication habits. I feel the seminar is very helpful. I felt the tactics provided will increase my communication skills. I found I was using the techniques before the seminar was over.

    ~ Nicholas Osborne

    Client Response Representative, Indianapolis, IN

  • It has been not only very informative, but also very entertaining, which makes sitting in a seminar all day fun! I have really enjoyed this seminar. The examples were great and I appreciated the opportunity to discuss specific situations. Dan presented a wide variety of communication skills that can be used both professionally and personally. This is the first seminar I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end and am walking away with more power than I had before. I was disappointed when the seminar ended.

    ~ Tammie Belanger

    Pharmacy Tech. Supervisor, Anchorage, AK

  • Unbelievable! Dan was the best prepared and knowledgeable seminar trainer I have ever had.

    ~ John Erwin

    IT Specialist, Portland, OR

  • The 2-day session surpassed all expectations. It was never boring. Thank you for raising my standards and expectations and giving me the tools to do so.

    ~ Evelyn Fowler

    Production Manager, Bloomington, MN

  • The training left me energized and with useful tools.

    ~ Laura Gonzales

    IT Manager, New Mexico