Advanced free-style scripting and verbal patterns for
telephone professionals

Could your call center be more successful if the representatives were more strategic, tactical communicators?

How would it feel if suddenly everyone in your department communicated with more power, precision, and empathy, even with difficult and demanding customers?

Whether you’re in sales, customer service, or human resources, now you can learn the same step-by-step communication tactics used by master interrogators, world-class negotiators, and the world’s most powerful communicators, because you’ll learn these skills the same way they learned them. You’ll focus first on theory, then tactics you can use to implement the theory, and then daily tools you can use to master those tactics, and make them your own.

Each participant will also receive:

  1. Quick-reference flash cards for review
  2. An audio program with the tactics and
  3. tools learned in the workshop, and
  4. Access to on-line follow-up resources


This offer is for a limited time only.

Most communication workshops consist only of theory.
Not this one.

After this training you will find, as have thousands of our workshop attendees, that this is the missing link youʼve been looking for to take your organizationʼs customer service and communication skills to the next level.


In this seminar youʼll learn:

  • Power Phrases and Danger Phrases to help you communicate with more clarity, power, and professionalism
  • How to more quickly and effectively establish a P-E-C (Personal Emotional Connection) with every customer you speak to
  • Brain-training strategies such as 2-step coping statements and hemisphere switching techniques that help you cope and remain level-headed during challenging times
  • Free-style scripting techniques that help you hit all of the technical points you need to hit while keeping your individual style and not sounding robotic
  • How to identify the 4 core personality types (yes, even over the phone), and adjust your language for each type
  • The 4 Magic Phrases you can use to respond to anything while keeping your cool
  • How to say “no” in 4-steps so you appear assertive, and not aggressive
  • The 3-step bonding tactic you can use to instantly strengthen the relationship you have with your customers
  • How to use lead-in lines and closing lines to start and stop speaking with more clarity and finesse
  • How to find your professional power tone and use it to connect with customers
  • The 6-step listening technique that will help you instantly project the image of an engaged listener
  • The 3-step persuasion technique you can use to respond to any objection with tact and skill

“Daniel T. O’Connor was one of the best speakers I’ve heard. He was so motivating, lots of energy, positive, funny, organized, and presented lots of useful information. An overall amazing speaker and person. I’m so glad I was able to attend this seminar. I also liked the examples and situations Daniel used during the seminar. He was able to make everyone in class feel comfortable and he got us involved in the seminar. Daniel is also so funny. I greatly enjoyed every moment. Great job Daniel!”

-Valerie Kimura, Manager, Honolulu, HI