Communication Expert and Keynote Speaker Dan O’Connor

Are you dealing with negativity, poor communication, or conflict in the workplace?

Does the thought of another “soft skills” training course make you cringe?

Imagine if in just one day, your entire organization could learn the verbal communication skills and stress management skills that the world’s most successful companies use to communicate effectively; stay strong and positive; eliminate workplace negativity, stress, and conflict; and provide over-the-top customer service.

Would you like that?

Dan O’Connor can make it happen. Who’s Dan??  And how did he become a world-renowned expert trainer and speaker on communication, dealing with difficult people, dealing with different personality types, and negativity in the workplace?

Meet Dan:

Fluent in both Spanish and English, Dan O’Connor has been helping individuals and organizations develop their communication and critical thinking skills for over fifteen years. An author, blogger, podcaster, speaker, trainer, facilitator, and communication expert recognized both nationally and internationally, Dan came to prominence through his development and delivery of programs that include dealing with difficult and demanding people, speaking with power and precision, professional communication and etiquette, developing your personal compass, transformational thinking, customer service scripts and techniques, team-building and many many more—all programs based on self-development and powerful communication.

Having witnessed the business problems caused by office energy vampires, workplace negativity, interpersonal conflicts, and employees and supervisors struggling to “find the words,” Dan began developing tactical training programs that go beyond theory, and focus on scripts, phrases, communication systems, and memory techniques designed to deliver instant results.

The instant results? Transformation! Corporate and government offices with fewer problems, more satisfied employees, higher production, and more money on the bottom line.

Always staying true to his promise of No More Boring Training, Dan employs an interactive style uniquely his own—one that both informs and entertains his audience, in one transformational moment.  His seminar participants state in testimonial after testimonial that Dan’s highly developed style, which mixes comedy, entertainment, advanced teaching methods, and even a little quantum physics, kept them riveted and wanting more.

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Motivational Keynote Speaker on Communication and Dealing with Difficult People in Texas

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